A leader in AI-powered, fast defect review for the semiconductor industry.

Zero Escapes. High Accuracy. Fast Deployment.

Human-Centric Defect Review

Get up and running with rapid defect review based on human input. Averroes Inspect™ is the only product that brings together the power of deep learning and a more efficient review workflow that you already love. 

80% Reduction in Defect Screening

Averroes Inspect™ AI models categorize and classify defects based on custom input from the inspection team so you are spending your time resolving “Kill” defects instead of searching for them.

All Your Inspection Data at a Glance

Stay on track and review defects, faster with Averroes real-time, cloud-based dashboards. Get a high-level overview of all your deployed models with customizable dashboards.

Continuous Learning

Unlike traditional visual inspection solutions in the market, each Averroes AI model you deploy continuously learns and adapts. Just as one would expect a human inspector's ability to evolve, Averroes AI models will evolve based on live data streams and input from your team of experts.

No-Code Model Generation

With just a few images, Averroes enables you to train and deploy a high accuracy, custom AI model that is custom to your use case. Deployment of new models and retraining of existing models is easy in our no-code environment.

Filter Out The Noise

Set Kill ratios as needed to ignore nuisance defects and highlight the defects that impact the yield or performance.

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