Ai Defect Detection For Manufacturing

Automated AI Defect Detection

Pinpoint and categorize defects, guaranteeing accurate detection, pinpointing, and categorization of each individual flaw with exact bounding boxes, regions, and classifications.

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Smarten Up Existing
Visual Inspection Equipment with AI
No hardware needed. No process change.

High-Precision Defect Segmentation with Minimal Training Data

Train models to accurately segment images with minimal labeled data by leveraging prior knowledge and adapting to new tasks quickly.
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Human-Centric Feedback Adaptation

Refine models incrementally without full retraining through meta learning. Averroes engine allows for quick adaptation and incremental improvements based on specific engineer feedback and new data.
No-Code AI Platform feature

No-Code AI Platform

Build and deploy your model yourself. Whether you're an existing visual inspection equipment is suffering from accuracy issues or an end-user wanting a custom AI-powered automated defect classification model, it's just a few steps away.
Privacy and Security feature

Privacy and Security

Choose On-Premise for Privacy, Speed, and Security, or Cloud for Scalability and Performance. We're Cloud-Agnostic, ensuring seamless integration and flexibility.
Continuously Learns from Data

Continuously Learns from Data

Unlike traditional, expensive software 1.0 based equipment, our Automated Defect Segmentation bespoke model learns from data and improves accuracy using Averroes' Active Learning feature.
Automate Defect Judgment Process feature

Automate Defect Judgment Process

Set thresholds to catch only the defects you care most about. Let the judgment team focus on throughput and yield improvement while we handle defect judgment, removing subjectivity and ensuring objectivity.
Catch Unknown feature

Capture Unknown Defects

Averroes WatchDog feature ensures no defect goes uncaught. Traditional equipment only works on pre-configured defects, but Averroes catches the unknown
Complete Storytelling feature

Complete Storytelling

Analyze defects, wafers, masks from A to Z. Gain insights from historical data and understand the full story behind each defect.
We've experienced a remarkable 40-60% increase in submicron defect detection. Averroes has saved us over 300 hours/month/app of labor and increased our productivity by more than 30% .
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Frequently asked questions
No. Averroes functions seamlessly on existing visual inspection equipment, whether it's KLA Tencor, AOI, or Onto equipment. No additional hardware purchase is needed.

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