No-code AI-based anomaly detection for industrial assets.

24/7 Monitoring. High Accuracy. Fast Deployment.

Context Analysis

Unlike competitors employing statistical anomaly detection, Averroes anomaly detection models use deep learning to understand historical patterns and analyze real-time data in context.

Real-time Monitoring

Deployed models monitor your assets in real-time. This means your team can react as soon as anomalies are detected to minimize risk of critical machine failures and system downtime.

No-Code Model Generation

Train and deploy a high accuracy, custom AI models to monitor your field assets. Deployment of new models and retraining of existing models is fast and simple in our no-code environment.

Continuous Learning

Unlike other solutions in the market, each deployed Averroes AI model continuously learns and adapts based on live data streams.

Intuitive Visualization

Stay on track and review anomalous sensors faster with Averroes real-time, cloud-based dashboards. Get a high-level overview of all your deployed models with customizable dashboards.

Automated Alerts

Your team will receive alerts as soon as anomalies are detected. Alerts are customizable to only message on significant anomalies so your team can focus on solving tangible issues.

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